Monday, October 31, 2005

Yesterday’s movies and today’s editorial conference

Mondays are for Editorial Conferences. Yesterday, being the last day of the film festival, were for movies. A black comedy "Underground" began and ended with the same dialogue: "Once upon a time there was a Country!" The nation was Yugoslavia.

There were a few 10-minute documentaries. One, from the very beginning, had the camera floating freely. It was like gliding through the air. In the background was a description on different periods of time. Finally the camera went towards a light, then a flash, a fly dropped dead!

The day’s movie was Khamosh Paani from Pakistan. Kiron Kher as a Punjabi woman in Pakistan separated from her relatives during the partition had done a good job. After a day long spell of movies, I slept late and woke up at 7:15 today.

I finished bath in a hurry, gobbled up food fast and came to the class only to be thrown out along with six others for not reading the paper. Then came the editorial conference where my story idea was beaten to pulp by the Director, who is the Chief Editor of The Fourth Estate, our lab newspaper. After that was roaming time, hunting for story ideas on my own for sometime and along with "Ujju," my friend from Kolkata.

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