Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Too homesick?

His call yesterday was a real surprise. Was having the usual wrestling with pages when he called. Someone who knew my past; someone from Kollam. He was in Chennai for the past 8 weeks and I didn’t know!

Boarded the busy local train from Guindy this morning. He was waiting for me at the Nungambakkam railway station. Seeing him was like reading the Manorama, hearing a Malayalam song! Gosh, I am too homesick!

I was seeing him after a year and two months, to be precise, and there was a lot to talk. How's that guy, did u know this happened and such….

His bike took me to a place where I made the discovery of the week: A restaurant named Kumarakom near Royapettah!

Kerala style boiled rice, Kappa, fish curry, and even Jeera water after the meals!
Malayalam songs being played! Felt like home, truly.

Am I becoming too homesick? Maybe all these will end, once I get used to the Chennai way, although I sincerely hope not to happen that way!