Saturday, October 29, 2005

Movie Marathon!

Today we went to attend the MG Varsity Film festival, saw five movies in a row, including a German, Russian and Spanish film for the first time in my life.

Of the five films, I enjoyed the first three very much. The German film "The Miracle of Bern" was on their first victory in the soccer world cup. The story covered the lives of a boy, his father who was a German soldier during the Second World War, a national team member from their locality and a young Journalist and his wife who goes to cover the tournament in Switzerland.

The best "timepass" movie I have seen in recent times, it has a sequence where the father slaps his son and says, "Now don’t start crying. German boys don’t cry." And the last dialogue of the movie is by the boy who comforts his weeping father saying, "You know Dad, German boys can cry now and then."

"Motorcycle Diaries," based on the life of the Argentine revolutionary Earnesto "Che" Guevara was the Spanish movie. The story dealt how a 10,000km travel across Latin America transformed a jovial medical student into "Che". Impressive fair.

There are more in the offering, the fair will continue tomorrow and the day after it. And on Sunday, there is "Khamosh Paani," the Kiron Kher starrer Pakistani movie.

The worst thing is that we have to write a review on a movie, as an assignment! Anyway, I love movies and today it was a pucca movie marathon!

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