Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Sri Lanka and some thoughts

Today our sir KTO narrated his trip to Sri Lanka. His focus was on the condition of Sri Lankan press, the plight of Journalists and the general conditions prevailing in third world countries. He narrated with examples how the aspiring journalists are forced to take up other jobs, due to poor pay. The training they receive in Journalism is not enough to make them competent, he said. Thus there is a vicious circle, where poor training begets poor pay and poor remuneration forces the aspirants to go for poor training.

He reminded many that they had glorified in the interview their "long cherished ambition" to become a journalist, to "change the face of India". He sadly reminded us that the quality of our Journalism does in no way match the standards of the West and we will be frustrated a lot if we consider remuneration as our prime objective.

As for me, i am still wondering. I came here with the aim of "cutting" a year, get a job, two year work experience, do my MBA and mint bucks. This 69 year old veteran have influenced my intentions, my language, my behaviour, even my thoughts.

By the way, I am sub-editor for this week's issue. Today I had absolutely no work, tomorrow and the day after will be hectic.

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