Monday, November 29, 2010


“Beep beep!” It was her reply.

“Come on, hurry up. It’s already late!” Mom was on the point of losing her cool. He was sending SMSes.

“These roads are pretty bad, aren’t they?” Dad was complaining on the way, as he struggled to drive. He was sending SMSes.

“Welcome! Welcome!” His prospective father-in-law was overjoyed. He was still sending SMSes.

She came, everyone was in smiles.

“Let them talk for some time,” said her uncle.

They left the couple alone.

They stared at each other. There was nothing left to talk.


Pythoroshan said...

hehe.. so true !!! that is how we've become

nidhi said...

hahaha! The Story of the Generation That Lived A Virtual Life. And Nothing Beyond It. :D

Attribution said...

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*the captcha here says "unrogi" LOL