Saturday, January 02, 2010

Happy New Year

Where were you on the last days of 2009? Holidaying? At home? Office? I was experiencing my first stay in a hospital, and my maiden venture to an operation theatre! All because of a simple accident. Bike? Car? Nah, just a bicycle!

As always, I was waiting for February to come. For the past three years, my visits to home was either in a February or a September. But grandpa passed away unexpectedly. After a tiring journey, I was in Kollam on the day before Christmas, to see the frozen remains of the man who took care of my childhood. All the relatives were there, and the bosses were kind enough to grant me leave. I was supposed to be back in Bangalore after six days, but had a fall on the last day of my stay.

Early morning on the sixth day, the date of my return trip, we were heading towards the cremation ground to collect ashes for the post-burial rituals. Hartal had limited our entourage to five two-wheelers, all occupied, which left me with a bicycle. I was speeding, there was a bump on the road, the cycle skidded, I was hurled forward. That split-second wasn't enough for me to bring my arms forward. I landed on my chin.

"Keee..." blew a low whistle inside my ears. I managed to get up, but couldn't hear anything. Somebody came running towards me, caught hold of my shaking physique and made me sit on a concrete slab. By then, it was complete blackout. After a minute, I started hearing voices. Eyesight slowly returned. Maman was there, he gave me some water. My body was still trembling. I could sense something wrong with my lower jaw. The bite was just not right. Relatives took me to the hospital. There, an x-ray report confirmed my fears - a broken lower jaw!

Till then, I was praying that there shouldn't be any fracture. Now, the only thing that I didn't want was a surgery. Thankfully, the doc gave an alternative - metal braces for six weeks. OK, cool, I thought. They'll stick hinges on my teeth, tie it up, and silence! I got a rude awakening that evening, inside the operation theatre. They were going to sew the braces to my gums, and I realised it only after they injected anesthesia on my gums.

By the time they finished the embroidery work with metal wires on my upper gum, the drug's effect on the lower gum ran dry. They poked the needle, I screamed, and they injected the drug again...

After three days in the hospital and loads of injections (as I couldn't eat the pills), I landed back home. The picture is clear now. For the next six weeks, no eating, no speaking. Just drinking and, of course, typing!


King Raj said...

Dear Spectator i wish you Happy new year as well as "Fast Recovery" Bcoz
we need our Spectator back very soon .... Get well soon Dear

aarkay.cs31 said...

Just heard about the post and thought I'll look it up.

You have really learnt to become the Spectator.Now learn a new way of smiling ,without hurting the gums!

Get really well really soon


Mirage said...

awwwwwwwww... sorry to hear that! Get well soon officer. And come let's go it NY and give it back to 2010!

Remo said...

I met our Spectator dear at his home...!! BTW, I am one of his childhood friends...!!

He is keeping well, and is back in typing action by now...!!


Rashmi & Kichi said...

namaste chetta!
(kichi thought that would be funny).

glad to hear that u are feeling better. this is our first time reading ur blog and its really interesting. :)
i might want to create my own blog.

ur cousins on the other side of the world - Rashmi & Kichi