Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Why do they take drugs?

me: Busy now?

10:28 PM

Berny : hey..!! no... what about u?

me: Work over

Berny : What’s this ‘lost one?’

me: One died

10:29 PM

Berny : who??

me: Not an intimate

But of our age

Berny : hmm who’s that?

me: Mithun's friend

He was weeping all evening

Berny : how??

10:30 PM

me: Found his body in the bathroom

Berny : god...

me: they say drug abuse

Berny : ohhh


me: this afternoon

10:31 PM

Berny : hmm

Mithun came to office today?

me: Ya

Berny : so sad...

me: someone called him up

he called me, we went out,

Berny : OK

10:32 PM

me: he wept, called our boss and he left

Berny : so he came to know after he came to the office

me: ya

I saw this guy once

Berny : hmm...

really sad

me: Our age

They say he's the only child

10:33 PM

Berny : god...

me: His parents will come tomorrow, I think

Berny : he is in Bangalore, right?


me: Ya, he is

10:36 PM

Berny : OK

me: staying here with his friends

Berny : what was he was doing ??

me: Was working, I think

Berny : OK

me: I don't know, Berny

Feeling a bit uneasy

what do they get from dope?

Berny : that's OK man....

it happens...

me: He had called up Mithun a week before

He had told him he stopped everything


all of a sudden

10:38 PM

Berny : after some days goes from our mind....

but the real loss is for his parents..

me: don't know how his roommates will face them

10:39 PM

Berny : all that we can do is to pray for them to have the courage to face...

hmm.. I know...

haven’t they informed about his habits to his parents??

10:40 PM

me: I don’t think so

Berny : OK...

me: Uneasiness increases thinking about his parents

their hopes...

all gone

Berny : you shouldn't get upset...

give courage to Mithun ...

10:41 PM


Berny : hmm.. it happens....

don’t keep on thinking about it...

just pray... that's what you can do right now...

(Was planning to write something to relieve my frustrated mind. Then she came online. Read the chat after she went offline, and suddenly it seemed a better was to convey the feeling. Even the slightest dose is a key to hell. Life is too precious to play with. Stay away.)

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