Sunday, September 02, 2007


There was a small subject in mind when I came back from home this August. I had reserved this date for that. Then lethargy took over. Almost two months with the blank post, and three comments!

Attribution said: For?

Sanity in a world of Insanity is insane~The Insane said: Yeah, Reserved for?????

Attribution said: C'mon. Update it. Do something. Write something.Well i have decided on something.Check mine for updates.

The last time I had three comments was in February. Regular articles these days hardly gather one. The second, if any, would be Attribution’s call for update.
Anyway, I am not planning to leave the page khaali. I’ll introduce six not-so-gentle men; my housemates.

Aby. Sports reporter in a Bangalore daily. Classmate in Mascom. A permanent teasing machine, with whom you can’t get angry. Seniormost in our gang, though carefree like the rest.

Mithun alias Thadiyan alias bourgeois. My classmate-cum-housemate-cum-colleague. In competition with Aby in teasing. We go to office togather, his bike is my official Bengaluru gaadi. Jolly good fellow.

Rakesh alias Raku: Recently christened Rakula (remember Dracula), Raku is a call centre employee. Simple guy who has only two ambitions at present: Meet his girlfriend daily and deal with the humongous number of his arrear subjects in engineering.

Nidhin Tony, or simply, Tony: Nicknamed Brigadier (Brigu for short) for his relentless pursuit of army entrance exams and the rejection in the final stage because of his colour blindness, Tony is the ‘visiting member’ of our gang. His married sister lives in Bangalore, and half the time he is with them. still in search of a job.

Vinod alias Thomman. He works in a high-profile call centre, but hates to describe his branch even as BPO. "It’s India Delivery Centre," he’d say! engineering graduate, settled as an outsourcing executive.

Loud arguments, occasional outings, simple pranks, and heavy-dosed teasing, which we call aparaadham, make our lives merry.


Attribution said...


Sanity in a world of Insanity is insane~The Insane said...

Yeah, Reserved for?????

Attribution said...

C'mon. Update it. Do something. Write something.

Well i have decided on something.
Check mine for updates.

To test to rest to work to give up!