Saturday, November 26, 2005

Lal Lal Mohanlal!

Don’t say that I’m stupid. This is not me, but a die hard movie buff speaking, and he’s quite exhilarated. He just saw, heard and touched his matinee idol, Mohanlal.

Lalettan was attending a function marking the end of his one-year foray into theatre. He had completed eight shows of the solo drama, Kathayattam.

My eyes rarely strayed away from him right from when he entered the podium till he left. I can hardly remember what I blabbered to him. This was the first time I was seeing him in close quarters. This was the first time when I could speak to him.

I know that admiration to eccentric levels is stupidity, but that's what I am. I love, care and admire certain things, to the level of eccentricity. Movies top the list. I grew up seeing movies of Mohanlal, and certain ones, I hold close to my heart.

I’ve seen some of his movies repeatedly that I lost count. His movies (I’m tempted to say he) have a prominent place in my memories, because most are associated with several incidents: curious; happy; sad.

Anyway, all I know is that today I am happy; very very happy.


Attribution said...

He he yet again I beat u to it.
I had met him, talked to him last year on a flight to Delhi.
Nice well spoken guy..
Must admit... A true star!

Attribution said...

"Don’t say that I’m stupid" Do we need to say it out loud?? Its understood..and a well known fact..

He he

Attribution said...

Oh! here we have the great lean and mean Chandu on the pic...
Still star stuck?? or plain stuck?


Arun Vishnu M V (Kannan) said...

Lalettan sindaba

Anonymous said...

hey chandu..wht is this blog..........i ws really shocked to read this..........hmmmm.....more comments whn v meet......jeej!!!